Embarking on the Adventure Lab

$ 890 1 Day

€ 765 / 889 SFr.

everything from your Embarking on the Adventure Lab

Begin With

  • An In-Person, Face-to-Face, Live Training Workshop
  • Take your own glossy boxed-set of The Agile Fluency Game home to add to your toolbox for Agile Leaders, Coaches, Trainers, POs Scrum Masters, or Developers and QA-folk.
    The boxset includes all game material to play the game with your teams and anyone you meet (in board rooms, conference sessions, meetups, game nights, and other gatherings).
  • Experience agile development and transformation in a new way during your workshop's FluencyByDesign simulation using the Agile Fluency Game—as you work through the life-cylce of your product's software development teams over a 2-year period.

    Make your agile investments wisely, and experience what happens when you win your game, or learn deeply when you 'fail to thrive' fluently in the simulation. Regardless, the experience will shift your approach to Agile leadership, coaching, training, & development/QA—often profoundly—to give you confidence that you're winning your real game, on-time—in your real time-box.

  • Learn the facilitation secrets you need to facilitate your own Agile Fluency Game sessionsand start other new conversations about leading, coaching, or developing with agility and fluency.
  • Build you own Gamerunners Playbook for using the Agile Fluency Game and fluency models during the work and use as a strategic referenc in your day-to-day work. You'll receive a blank journal and a kit of reference stickersto use as you build your own playbook for your unique fluent context.
  • Receive your electronic facilitator's kit including: instructional videos about the Agile Fluency Model and Game, and handouts to use when you are working with fluency models and your Agile Fluency Game.
  • Responding to my most frequent request, I've written and included ("hot off the press"): The FluencyByDesign Handbook of Agile Practices booklet for easy reference (at no extra charge).
  • Ask about special local pricing for India and South Africa (reflecting INR and ZAR exchange rates).
  • Ask new questions. Have you already experienced your game facilitator training? Come back to this workshop as a Returning Adventurer. Refresh & hone your skills and experience the training in a brand-new light after questing with your game out in the field.

    Special Pricing: Returning FluencyByDesign Adventurers attend this new training lab with an 80% discount! If you've previously attended training from the Agile Fluency Project or an Agile Fluency Project licensed game facilitation trainer you may return to this adventure (for the first time) with a 60% discount! (Of course you already have your game, returning adventures do not receive a new copy of The Agile Fluency Game, but you do receive all the new material that you don't already have.)

  • The only way to purchasethe Agile Fluency Game is to attend this Gamerunner training or a game facilitator training session from the Agile Fluency Project or one of the freshly-minted game facilitation trainers recently licensed by the Agile Fluency Project.
  • This 1-day, in-person workshop includes all the materials from the Agile Fluency Project's 1-day game facilitator training course bundled with your extended FluencyByDesign goodies.

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